Not Quite the Push-Button Privacy Solution You'd Come to Expect in 2016

BTGuard VPN comes without special configuration software or apps, this means it has to be configured manually

Setup is a bit cumbersome, but there are good instructions for all operating systems and variants on the BTGuard website.

If done correctly, it works well on all operating systems.

You can choose between two configuration variants: PPTP and OpenVPN. I recommend OpenVPN, it's more secure than PPTP.

(The NSA presumably decrypts PPTP-encrypted communications as standard as Edward Snowden's revelations have shown.[1])

Once connected, the VPN secures the entire internet connection. I've tested it with BitTorrent and browsing simultaneously.

(Nowadays, I don't use it anymore. I use VyprVPN as my everyday privacy solution. Prices start at $5/month.)

The speed for surfing and BitTorrent with BTGuard is good, but the speed for watching online videos is often too slow.

"No records of usage stored", they say on the website. The company, Netcrawled LLC, is incorporated in the United States.

Good for the tech-savvy person: Runs on Linux and wireless routers and access points with DD-WRT or Tomato firmware.

I miss an indicator, for example an icon in the Windows status bar, that tells me whether the VPN is running.


Basic and cheap VPN to hide your IP address and circumvent geo restrictions. There are faster VPNs than this one. People who only need BitTorrent protection are better off with BTGuard proxy


Overall 2 of 5 stars

  • ProKeeps no logs
  • ProFor many devices
  • ConFew servers
  • ConVideo slow

BTGuard VPN on Windows
Apps No
Protocols OpenVPN, PPTP
Locations 3 in 3 countries[1]
Connections 1
Speed 2 of 5 rockets
Traffic/mo No restrictions
Price/mo $9.95
Price/yr $89.95
Free Trial No
Support Average
Country United States


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BTGuard website
Hide your IP address and circumvent geo restrictions
Basic privacy solution for desktops, mobiles, and routers. Only manual config – feels outdated. Not enough bandwidth for smooth video streaming. Windows DNS leak. Few servers.
Date published: 08/27/2016
2/5 stars

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