Unblock Websites the Easy Way

It's always good to have more than one IP. This allows you to access any site that you've been blocked from.

Hide My IP gives you one of their IPs. With one of these you can circumvent blocked sites and reach uncensored content.

It also allows you to encrypt the connection. This prevents hackers from spying on you internet traffic.

I've tested this solution, here's my review:

After purchase, you receive an email with a product key. The key unlocks the service indefinitely.

Connecting takes about 4 seconds. The speed for surfing is very good, the speed for video streaming is OK.

If you checkmark 'Require US Based IP', you will be assigned a server in the United States.

To select a server freely, you will need the Premium plan; also to use it outside the browser.

The company My Privacy Tools, Inc. is incorporated in San Diego.

They say: "Hide My IP is not keeping logs of your online activity and it is not using a tool to monitor it."


Reasonably priced service that unblocks websites on desktop and mobile. No recurring cost for the basic functionality. Sufficiently fast and secure. No replacement for a VPN.

Hide My IP

Overall 4 of 5 stars

  • ProOne-time payment
  • ProFast for web browsing
  • ConSlow for video
  • ConNot for torrent downloads

Proxy and privacy settings for BTGuard in the µTorrent preferences
Windows app: They clearly want to sell you the Premium plan
Proxy and privacy settings for BTGuard in the µTorrent preferences
Android app: I could select some server locations manually in the Standard plan
Proxy and privacy settings for BTGuard in the µTorrent preferences
Settings: It's a good idea to not only hide your IP address, but to also switch 256-bit SSL encryption and DNS protection on

Hide My IP 6 Review – Neither the best privacy protection nor the best IP-hide software. Good to surf the web in what people falsely consider "anonymous" mode. Many servers, but in the Standard plan, the app decides which proxy host it will connect to. My rating: 3/5 stars.

Hide My IP 6.0 Standard for Windows, for Android
Apps Windows, Mac, Android
Protocols OpenVPN
Locations 104 in 61 countries
Connections 5
Speed 3 of 5 rockets
Traffic/mo No restrictions
Price $29.95
Free Trial No
Support Good
Country United States

The one-time payment of Hide My IP can save web surfers a lot of money over the years

The features I like most:

  1. DNS Protection prevents DNS leaks
  2. Auto-connect
  3. Rotate IP addresses randomly
  4. Clear cookies on each IP change
  5. Mask the user agent
  6. Hide the HTTP referer header


The site is available in 20 languages, the user interface in 24.



My school or work place blocks sites like Facebook. Can this program help me?

Yes. Some internet cafés, libraries, schools, and work places block access to some websites. With Hide My IP, you can bypass the firewall you are behind and access any website that you've been blocked from.


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Hide My IP website
Software to access blocked websites
Hides the real IP and allows for in-private web surfing. Good and cheap solution for unblocking websites. In many cases too slow to watch YouTube videos. No protection for third-party programs.
Hide My IP 6.0
Date published: 08/26/2016
3/5 stars

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